Not Far from Home

Capture the expression, movement, and energy of venues visited

 Watercolors by Dwight Rose

Guild Gallery through September 28

Art Walk Reception September 20, 5 pm to 8 pm

In these dynamic watercolors my painting techniques reflect many of my contemporary's expressive movements and the energy of places they have been. Viewing this exhibition, I hope you'll begin to see many characteristics of these attributes and that they will invoke similar feelings as you view these paintings. As a teacher I have spent countless hours sharing the importance of understanding the difference between interpreting and copying photo references versus painting from life and doing likewise.  This subject is taken for granted most of the time but paramount to the success of your creative endeavors. This show explores this concern where interpretation becomes the preferential format to create more excitement in my outcomes.

The audience ultimately makes the decision as I strive to exploit the subject for its discerning features. This has to be a clear initiative as it provides the construct for the success of each painting. Being economical with each stroke was crucial. I have restrained my mark making and it resulted a clearer, more concise viewer involvement. Minimizing each stroke maximizes its impact, a goal I pursued with each subject.

The painting begins with a small graphite sketch to work out compositional elements: sketching in big shapes to place the subject on the surface, using an eraser as a drawing tool to establish a range of values. On the final I use light pencil lines to outline the subject. Then an underpainting of light washes of color is applied. Further watercolors are added, layer by layer, to add texture and subtle color. Once dry, I build and corral what I believe to be important focal areas of the painting, then adding accents and enhancements working from large shapes to small details. My belief is that every attempt is a teachable moment and success is derived from a compilation of these moments. Hope you enjoy my processes as the show is designed to give you insightful painting tips and helpful insights so you can create your own dynamic watercolor experiences of the places you have visited.



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