Information/Check List for Guild Gallery Shows

  • Artist(s) is responsible for mailing or emailing invitations, arranging reception, hanging show and providing information necessary to promote the show.
  • The Guild offers each artist(s) use of the hanging system and/or nails; if nails are used, the artist(s) is responsible for patching and painting after the show is taken down. Artist must bring his/her own tools for installation, including nails.  Guild will furnish supplies needed for patching. (Spackle, paint, and extra wires are located in the cabinet under the counter in the gallery).  The ladder is located down behind the "floating" wall in the gallery.
  • Shows featuring more than one artist should be hung at the same time.
  • Artist(s) is to hang show during the two days prior to the first day of the month in which the works are showing.  Work should be taken down and walls should be patched 3 days prior to the first of the following month.
  • Artist(s) chooses the opening reception date.  Thursdays have proven to be best in the past for attendance.  The third Thursday of the month coincides with Art Walk when all the galleries in town are open from 5-8 p.m., and has been a good time for openings, as the Spartanburg Art Museum, also housed at the Chapman Cultural Center is open for Art Walk, and attracts more visitors to our Gallery than on a night that we are open by ourselves.
  • Artist(s) provides food and beverages at the reception.  The Chapman Center provides tables, ice/coolers and a trash can.  Tables are 5 feet long.  Artist must let the Guild know how many tables will be needed 4 weeks prior to the show. At the end of the opening reception, artist(s) will need to take their food/beverage items, empty the coolers and then leave the coolers and tables pushed up next to the wall in the lobby next to the Gallery.
  • Artist(s) needs to provide a Guest Book for the show, and display on the counter in the Guild Gallery during the show. Guild will photocopy the list of guests at the end of each show.
  • Artist(s) will need to provide an inventory and price list to be displayed in the Gallery during the show.
  • Artist(s) will need to place title cards (with Title and Price) by each art piece, or a number corresponding to the price/inventory list provided.
  • •All pieces sold prior the opening reception or during the show, must remain in the show until the show closes.
  • All pieces sold during the show are to be sold through the Guild. No pieces can be sold separately by the artist(s).
  • All sales will be handled by the Artists’ Guild. Artist(s) will receive a 60% on all sales, and the Artists’ Guild will receive a 40% commission on all sales. Any additional items, such as books, smaller prints, etc that are sold during the show are to be processed through the Guild for payment, and are subject to the same 40% commission as regular art work. No exceptions please. We do not charge sales tax.  Checks for art sales will be distributed within 30 days of the closing of the show, along with a list of all buyers, and pieces purchased.
  • Mailing labels of the general membership are available for each artist.  If artist(s) need mailing labels for their show, please let Nikki Hicks know at 6 weeks prior to the show when your press release information is turned in. Please include 2 good quality digital photos of works to be exhibited, with each work labeled with the title, and/or a photograph of the artist with their art work.

If you have any questions, please contact: Nikki Hicks, Executive Director;  864.764.9568  or